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Lineage of BURNER's Strains

-Strawberry Cookies (Crumble Cake Cookies x Strawberry Sherbet) x PCCF (Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade) —- “Strawberry Crumby Crumbs Cake” –


-Vagabond Purple (Crumble Cake Cookies x Purple Drank) – FIRE STRAIN. We are crossing her with the PCCF —- “Crumby Crumbs


-Garlic OG 520 (Michoacan Sunrise x Garlic Bag #1). Crossing her our PCCF mother —- Garlic Bread #1


Bat Cave (Michoacan Sunrise x Gold mine); we are crossing her with our PCCF (Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade) —- Vacuum Seal #1


-This is our Weeble Wobble (AZ Sunshine x GG #4), crossing with our PCCF mother! “Vibey #1


-Turtle walk (Cindy 99 x Blue Venom) – has a high end GAS FUEL terp profile. Crossed with our PCCF (Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade) —- “Guadalajara Orange Punch“!


-Gelato Sunrise (Michoacan Sunrise x Gelato 33). Going to cross her with our PCCF (Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade) —- Burners Breath #1


-Tropicana Cake (Tropicana Cookies x Blue Jazz Punch). She’ll be crossed with our (PCCF) —- “Jazzy Razzy


-Our Platinum Crunch Berry (Platinum Cookies x Strawberry Toast). She’ll be crossed with our (Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade) —- “West Coast Panache“!


-(Star Dog Kush) we are crossing with our (Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade) —– “Carpenters Star Kush“!


Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade – which is our mother on this run (Purple Cheddar Drank x Evil Cookies)


-Chunk Diesel (AK 47 x Sour Diesel). One of our new crosses in the works right now will be her crossed with ( Purple Cheddar Cheese Fade) —- Caspers Notes.

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